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NEW KS300 Professional Vacuum Cleaner from RUPES

Aug 24, 2021 | News

Our Sales Team is very excited about the latest addition to our Rupes range – the new Rupes KS300 Professional Vacuum Cleaner!

According to our Sales Manager Anthony Doherty “this is a seriously impressive bit of kit” and he believes that as health & safety in the workplace is ever more important, this new cleaner from Rupes will be a great addition to our customers in bodyshops and other workshops in Ireland.

Dust extractors collect dust as it is made, in an effort to prevent particles from lingering in the air and being inhaled by operators. They also have the added benefit of preventing dust from landing on unwanted surfaces, such as a freshly painted vehicle, saving precious time cleaning and removing the dust. However, as we know ourselves in our own factory, not all dust extraction systems are made equal. Rupes, founded in 1947, is renowned for making globally recognised professional tools to an excellent standard. This family-owned company remains committed to research and development, aimed at constantly improving the performance of each product. At the core of all of their activities, is the design and manufacture of products which are in total compliance with health & safety regulations and offer enhanced operator comfort, which is why we are so happy to work with them.

The KS300 has an integrated workstation which guarantees high filtration efficiency with 5m2 filtering surface and three filtering steps. It is compact, easily manoeuverable and can support two operators simultaneously, thanks to the innovative dual motor technology which features two 1200W motors. These motors can work alternately or together, and a single motor can support up to two tools at the same time. The unit includes two Electric Plugs and two Pneumatic Plugs, both with an Autostart System, which allow for connection of pneumatic and electric tools. It also has an interlocking toolbox system and high intensity soundproofing material.

“We like to offer solutions as well as products to our customers and this new kit will definitely tick both of those boxes for us” commented Anthony. Looks like the KS300 will certainly be a great addition to the our range and we look forward to demonstrating it to our customers very soon..

Abcon Industrial Products Ltd is the Rupes Distributor for Ireland.


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