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FinishLine – The Importance of Choosing the right Putty for Refinishing

Oct 6, 2021 | News

If you don’t currently consider the type and quality of putty that you use when refinishing a car body, then think again! It can end up costing you a lot if you don’t get it right, and the painter will have to deal with the consequences, which could even entail having to go back several steps to the initial sanding and then re-doing the steps in between. Needless to say, this can add unnecessary costs to the project.

Your putty actually builds the foundation for the refinish job and it must be solid and perfectly moulded into the shape needed. Expert advice about putty consistencies and colour can confusingly vary widely, with each expert having their own preference. As with all of our FinishLine products, throughout their development journey, our goal was to offer the best products for your range of applications, rather than every variety you might be led to think you need. So, we are delighted to give you some details about our 3 putty options, which are perfect for a wide range of daily jobs.

7400.10081 FinishLine 2k Multi Putty 500g Universal Plastic Putty
This innovative premium putty not only adheres to all plastic surfaces, including Polypropylene, but also to sheet metal surfaces, including Aluminium and Galvanized Steel. It is highly elastic, applies very easily, providing a smooth and pore-free surface, which is very easy to sand. This product is a brilliant all-in-one for any professional body shop!

7400.10080 FinishLine Multi-Fill 1.8kg
Our Multi-Fill Polyester Putty is truly multi-functional and combines the excellent properties of a fill-putty with the high surface quality of a finishing putty. It is also leaves a tack-free surface after curing! It is designed for Steel, Aluminium, Galvanized Grounds and Polyester Laminates. With the benefit of its excellent thixotropy, it has very good shaping properties, in any required thickness. It can also be used as a finishing putty, leaving a smooth, pore-free surface, and is great for filling uneven surfaces, especially aluminium and galvanized. It is worth noting that for very large surfaces, putty should be applied in several layers.

7400.10082 FinishLine 1K NC Multi Putty 200g
This multi-filler paste is ideal to fill small imperfections, such as scratches, pinholes, and stonechip damage. It is easy to apply, provides a smooth, fast drying coating in thin layers and has great flexibility. It is a ready to use, one-component product utilising nitrocellulose resins, and can be applied over polyester putties and acrylic primers. It is suitable for aluminium, galvanized substrates, steel, and zinc-coated surfaces.

All of our putties allow optimum spreading and shaping thanks to the technology used with regard to their viscosity. Our FinishLine range includes Primers, Hardeners, Clearcoats, Tools, Discs, Sheets, and we are also the Irish Stockist for Rupes Tools and Polishes. In other words, whatever tools and consumables your Bodyshop needs, we can supply shipped from our factory in Cootehill, Co Cavan. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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