Irish Abrasives Manufacturer

We have over twenty years of experience manufacturing abrasive Belts and Discs.
Every department operates using a tightly controlled ISO9001 Quality Management System.


We remain customer focussed at all times, providing great service and technical support in a wide range of applications.
Call us now to discuss your requirements.


We are also distributors for a wide range of high-quality tools and accessories.
We test our products to ensure that they perform as promised and offer the best value to our customers.


Our expertise and experience will help you ensure the best and most cost effective finishing system for your application.
We only sell products that we believe in.


We have a varied customer base from small to large size businesses, Joineries to Woodworking
and Automotive to Stainless Steel Polishers. Each customer can expect the same high quality of service.

Welcome to Abcon Ireland

Abcon Industrial Products Ltd is the only Irish manufacturer of Abrasive Belts and Quick Change Discs and we have over twenty years of experience servicing both domestic and export markets. Our focus is to provide technical support to customers in a wide range of applications. We are supported by leading brand suppliers from all over the world and this technical partnership approach ensures that you get the best product and value for money for your individual application.
Please call us soon with your requirements and we will be happy to help!