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Why Passivating Stainless Steel Bollards & Handrails is Important

In our efforts to resolve all surface finishing issues for customers, we expanded our range some time ago to include Chemical and Electrolyte Cleaning products for Stainless Steel and they are proving to be very much in demand. However, it is without doubt the...

6 Pro Tips for Proper and Safe Sanding Techniques to Follow When Operating Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are great power tools for removing old finishes, like paint and varnish, from furniture. Coming in different shapes and sizes, the same mechanical principle is used for all belt sander models. A battery powered, electrical or air tool rotates two drums...

Sunscreen Removal Kit – Clean Your Bodywork and Protect your Paintwork

How many times over the Irish hot spell of 2018 have you or your children accidentally smeared sunscreen all over the bodywork of your car? Twice? Three times? Maybe more times than you can count? If this has happened to you, then you will understand the hardship of...

Abcon delighted with Sianet – The Most Powerful Net Backed Abrasives!

Abcon is getting fantastic feedback from customers for the dust extraction rates on Sianet, which is so vital for the health and comfort of the operator. The net backing ensures a virtually dust-free environment, thereby minimising any possibility of ingestion of...

FinishLine 1K Multi is Putty in Your Hands!

Our FinishLine range includes a Nitrocellulose based putty which is proving to be a big hit with bodyshops, for several time saving and cost-effective reasons. Having been designed for dry sanding by machine or hand, it is also actually 25% lighter than standard...

EZ Ultra-Lite Body Filler From Evercoat

The EZ Ultra Lite Body Filler from Evercoat is ideal for repairs on any surface. It adheres to any substrate, including galvanised, aluminium, or hard plastics and is less porous than most other traditional fillers due to its higher resin content. With excellent...

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If you are working with any type of metal or wood, we offer advice and solutions to help you achieve the best results…

Cutting    Grinding    De-burring    Sanding    Removing stock  
Finishing welds   Polishing   Cleaning

Expertise and experience, together with the perfect tool and consumables, makes for a  job well done.


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Did you know that we can source speciality products and manufacture custom belts and discs?


We are a service-based manufacturer at heart and what this means for you is that your application or project is our main focus. Our aim is to make sure that you benefit from our technical expertise and years of experience, to ensure the best finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Alox or Zirconia belts with my Belt Sander?

It is important to use the correct material so that you can reduce the time you spend changing belts.  Aluminium Oxide would be the standard for working on wood as it has an open coat grain structure and provides long life and a fast cut.  Zirconia would be the high performance option for hard wood sanding as it has an aggressive cool cut.  Hope that helps but please call us if you would like to discuss your individual application further.

My process generates a lot of dust, what is the best sanding disc to use?

It is really important to ensure the health and safety of you and other operators by minimising the possibility of ingesting dust.  A net backed disc with good extraction ensures a virtually dust free environment.  There is an added benefit as full-service dust extraction and the correct abrasive consumable also prevents clogging and so extends the life of the disc, making it more cost-effective.  Hope this helps!  Call us if you have any other questions at all.  

What can I do if burn marks are left on metal plates after cutting?

We have come across this problem before, where customers had to pickle the piece in nitric acid to remove the mark but were still left with a high amount of contamination and dulling and so had to spend  more time on the piece trying to brighten it with a series of mops and paste.

We source a fantastic pickling solution RC LITE INOX which stops black burn markings.  It is tough on the burn marks but keeps the original bright polished finish and gives a much better finish than treating with mops and paste.  It also saves time and time is money as they say!  Please call us if you have any other questions about this solution and we will be happy to help!

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