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Pferd Cut-Off Wheels- Maximum Cutting Power for a Wide Variety of Applications

PFERD is recognised for the depth of range, trusted for extremely high quality products, and is a widely used brand amongst operators all over the world. Regardless of the application or industry, be it chemical, steelworks, foundries, pipeline, automotive,...

4 Reasons why RUPES Random Orbital Polishers are the Perfect Tools for Polishing Large Surface Areas!

The Rupes LHR21 & LHR15 Mark III random orbital polishers have many advanced features which make them the ideal tools for polishing large surface areas. The 21mm orbit and 150mm backing pad of the LHR21 means that the operator of the polisher can achieve extremely...

Removing Contamination by Mild Steel Shot Blast on Stainless Steel

Contaminating stainless steel with mild steel can be a costly mistake to make when shotblasting, and it is often difficult to correct and remove. In addition, getting the best surface finish can be very tricky unless you use the most appropriate cleaning chemicals and...

VSM Actirox Fibre Discs – Innovation for Maximum Stock Removal

The VSM Actirox AF890 & AF799 Fibre Discs are the latest generation of abrasives for efficient stock removal and there are a number of applications that these discs are also useful for, such as deburring, bevelling, cleaning, the removal of imperfections and the...

4 Reasons Why you Should Pursue an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for people of all ages to get started in a variety of exciting sectors and industries. Apprenticeship programs, which have grown in popularity in recent years, provide students with the opportunity to learn and obtain National...

FinishLine – The Importance of Choosing the right Putty for Refinishing

If you don’t currently consider the type and quality of putty that you use when refinishing a car body, then think again! It can end up costing you a lot if you don’t get it right, and the painter will have to deal with the consequences, which could even entail having...

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If you are working with any type of metal or wood, we offer advice and solutions to help you achieve the best results…

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Expertise and experience, together with the perfect tool and consumables, makes for a  job well done.


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Did you know that we can source speciality products and manufacture custom belts and discs?


We are a service-based manufacturer at heart and what this means for you is that your application or project is our main focus. Our aim is to make sure that you benefit from our technical expertise and years of experience, to ensure the best finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Alox or Zirconia belts with my Belt Sander?

It is important to use the correct material so that you can reduce the time you spend changing belts.  Aluminium Oxide would be the standard for working on wood as it has an open coat grain structure and provides long life and a fast cut.  Zirconia would be the high performance option for hard wood sanding as it has an aggressive cool cut.  Hope that helps but please call us if you would like to discuss your individual application further.

My process generates a lot of dust, what is the best sanding disc to use?

It is really important to ensure the health and safety of you and other operators by minimising the possibility of ingesting dust.  A net backed disc with good extraction ensures a virtually dust free environment.  There is an added benefit as full-service dust extraction and the correct abrasive consumable also prevents clogging and so extends the life of the disc, making it more cost-effective.  Hope this helps!  Call us if you have any other questions at all.  

What can I do if burn marks are left on metal plates after cutting?

We have come across this problem before, where customers had to pickle the piece in nitric acid to remove the mark but were still left with a high amount of contamination and dulling and so had to spend  more time on the piece trying to brighten it with a series of mops and paste.

We source a fantastic pickling solution RC LITE INOX which stops black burn markings.  It is tough on the burn marks but keeps the original bright polished finish and gives a much better finish than treating with mops and paste.  It also saves time and time is money as they say!  Please call us if you have any other questions about this solution and we will be happy to help!

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