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About Our Manufacturing

We we a very proud Irish owned company, our owners and production team have almost thirty years of experience in abrasive product manufacturing and design. Since the  Abcon Management buy out of the Abrasive Manufacturing Division of ATA in 2005, we remain the only Irish converter of abrasive belts, rolls and discs in Ireland.

Our ethos is service based manufacturing and your needs as our customer is the focus of all of our activities. From sales through to despatch, we want you to have the best experience!

Irish Market

Based in County Cavan, we are very well placed to service you on the island of Ireland. As we stock a comprehensive selection of abrasive raw materials in a wide range of grits, we can deliver belts, discs and rolls to you quickly. We can also offer you options for custom sizes to suit any machine or tool.

We stock and distribute tools, consumables, chemicals and accessories for every size of workshop and factory floor, in sectors such as Engineering, Stainless Steel, Woodworking, Joinery, Flooring, Kitchen Re-Spraying, Automotive and Aerospace.

Export Market

Our export market for our manufactured products has increased dramatically in recent years. The fact that we are situated on the very edge of Europe has not deterred us from supplying leading companies in mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

Due to our continuous development and design innovations and improvements, our Quick Change Disc range is truly exceptional. We delight in working on projects with customers to solve problems or improve their processes through product development. We would love to hear from you and collaborate on your ideas.

Custom Manufacturing

Promote your brand more by availing of our Private Label Packaging option. This service enables you to promote your own brand, while managing your supply chain effectively at the same time. You can buy products white labelled, white labelled with logo or in completely branded packaging, designed by you.

Saving warehouse space and administration costs has to be a smart choice! Labels with logos are available for any quantity but boxes may be subject to volume. Let us cut your team’s time spent re-packaging and branding in your warehouse!

Our Manufactured Products

Quick Change Discs

Used to finish, grind, blend, de-burr and level surfaces, QCDs enable you to change the disc on your tool quickly (exactly what is says on the tin!) as you can just twist them on and off, and thus save downtime. Our research and consistent product development have positioned us among the top industry leaders in the manufacture of QCDs globally.

Our range is comprehensive and made from high-quality abrasive materials to suit all surface finishing applications. We stock a wide range of raw materials and grits from the world’s best abrasives manufacturers including VSM, SIA, Bibielle, Saint Gobain, 3M and Hermes.


We can make any size of abrasive sanding belt at our factory in County Cavan, including File Belts, Sander Belts, Pad Sander Belts, Linishing Belts and Wide Belts (and everything in between!). Our selection of raw materials and wide range of grits, mean that you will receive your order quickly, even if it is a custom size.

The most popular materials are Aluminium Oxide, Zirconia, Ceramic and Surface Conditioning Material but if you need advice, we also have the expertise to talk you through your choice. Click here to find out more about different types of belts and materials on our belt enquiry form.

Abrasive Sanding Discs

Sanding Discs are also part of our manufacturing offering and they are available with and without Velcro (also known as Hook & Loop) backing. Our range includes discs made from materials such as Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide, and we also manufacture “Abconet”, a mesh sanding disc for dust-free sanding.

Sanding discs are suitable for finishing metal, wood and plastic surfaces and also those covered with paint, fillers and laquers. Premium Velcro discs are used to blend glue joints and remove deep scratches and discs with zinc stearate coats can resist clogging. Backing pads also available.

Spiral and Flat Bands

Do you have a hard to reach area that need to be finished? Spiral Bands will do a great job for you blending, finishing and polishing surfaces in awkward places. Spiral and Flat Bands are Abrasive sanding bands suitable for general grinding on metals. They remove lines, burrs and imperfections and are used with spindle mounted drum holders, available with 6mm spindles.

They are available in a wide rage of materials (most popular aluminium oxide, zirconia and ceramic) and grits to suit your application and surface.

Abrasive Rolls

We manufacture Abrasive rolls in a wide variety of materials and grits to suit any of your applications. Our range includes Emery rolls which are made from a coated abrasive which has emery glued to its cloth backing and are used for hand metal working. Emery Rolls are typically 25mm or 50mm wide.

Any of our rolls can be torn to exact lengths as required, so are perfect for sanding by hand when you are preparing softer wood or polishing some metals. Suitable abrasive materials would also be chosen to reduce clogging when sanding these softer surfaces such as drywall, plaster, plastic, wood or brass.

Custom Manufacturing

Essential to our serviced based manufacturing ethos is ensuring that it is as convenient as possible for you to buy from us. Private label options provide a solution as branded products can contribute to strengthening your brand. It also streamlines your supply chain as you don’t have to manage the design and stocking of packaging.

We can supply any of our manufactured products either white labelled or with your branding on colour labels for further distribution. Branded box packaging options depend on volume but are also available.


Download our catalogues in convenient PDF format so that you can view our complete and comprehensive product range at any time!

Please call us on (049) 5552340 if you cannot find what you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

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