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VSM Actirox Fibre Discs – Innovation for Maximum Stock Removal

Feb 9, 2022 | News

The VSM Actirox AF890 & AF799 Fibre Discs are the latest generation of abrasives for efficient stock removal and there are a number of applications that these discs are also useful for, such as deburring, bevelling, cleaning, the removal of imperfections and the preparation of weld seams. Thanks to the innovative geometrically shaped abrasive grains of these discs, maximum removal rates can be achieved through the aggressive and quick grinding that this material facilitates. VSM is one of only few manufacturers of ceramic grain worldwide, and places specific emphasis on research and development, so that it can offer the best, long-term solutions to customers.

While the AF890 Fibre Disc is best for super-alloys and stainless steels, the AF799 disc was designed specifically for non-alloyed steel processing. The AF890 disc has a ‘VSM TOP SIZE’ layer, which is an additional grinding-active layer that aids cool grinding processes while also extending the disc’s service life. When operated on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, both Fibre Discs are very effective.

The VSM Actirox AF890 & AF799 Discs offer operators a wide range of advantages, including;
• More than twice as much stock removal compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasives, significantly improving time costs
• Faster cutting produces more workpieces per unit of time which helps increase productivity
• Suitable for a wide range of metalworking applications
• Extremely stable dimensions and a vulcanized backing meet the highest safety standards

Abcon is proud to be the Irish Agent for VSM because we know that their material can be relied on to be premium quality. The AF890 and the AF799 VSM Actirox Fibre Discs prove this, with their aligned geometric ceramic abrasive grains that break down very uniformly and in a controlled manner, allowing for fast and aggressive cutting as well as very short processing times and thus, lower operating costs. After conducting a product test on the VSM Actirox AF890 disc and comparing it with some abrasive disc competitors, our Technical Sales Manager, Garry O’Connell, was highly impressed, commenting, “The time saved when using this disc is really clear to see, it will no doubt prove popular with workshop personnel.” VSM Actirox Fibre Discs are available in our webshop, and if you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact our sales staff, who will be pleased to help!

Tel: (049) 555 2340
Email: sales@abconireland.com

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