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Pferd Cut-Off Wheels- Maximum Cutting Power for a Wide Variety of Applications

Apr 13, 2022 | News

PFERD is recognised for the depth of range, trusted for extremely high quality products, and is a widely used brand amongst operators all over the world. Regardless of the application or industry, be it chemical, steelworks, foundries, pipeline, automotive, construction, aviation and general trade, workers trust Pferd products. Cut-off wheels are one of Pferd’s primary product offerings, and they provide extremely long tool life, thin cuts with minimal burr formation, and maximum efficiency thanks to the rapid cuts that these discs enable.


Pferd a range of performance lines of cut-off wheels, the most widely used being Universal Line PSF, Performance Line SG, & Special Line SGP.
• Universal Line PSF: Universal Line PSF discs are the entry-level range of cut-off wheels from Pferd and are excellent at processing the most common materials. The high cutting performance of this allows work to be progressed quickly.
• Performance Line SG: The broad range Performance Line SG offers a high-performance tool solution for every application and every material. Performance Line SG cut-off wheels help achieve optimum results with maximum efficiency for operators.
• Special Line SGP: Special Line SGP cut-off wheels are specially optimised for specific tasks. They offer operators key advantages when engaging in specific tasks, such as cutting thin sheets and profiles, for example. This discs offers users a high level of efficiency thanks to their particularly high performance during use.

Whether cutting metal, profiles, solid material, or holes, PFERD offers cut-off wheels in a variety of forms, making them the ideal disc option for a wide array of applications. They are effective, ergonomically designed, and built to meet the strictest safety standards. Pferd has invested substantially in research and development, ensuring that its cut-off wheels match the same high standards as the rest of their product line and provide operators with high quality cutting performance. The Abcon webshop has a large selection of Pferd cutting discs, and if the size you need isn’t listed, get in touch and our sales team will be happy to help you source the products you require for your own applications.

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Email: sales@abconireland.com

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