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4 Reasons why RUPES Random Orbital Polishers are the Perfect Tools for Polishing Large Surface Areas!

Mar 24, 2022 | News

The Rupes LHR21 & LHR15 Mark III random orbital polishers have many advanced features which make them the ideal tools for polishing large surface areas. The 21mm orbit and 150mm backing pad of the LHR21 means that the operator of the polisher can achieve extremely high quality surface results, even with limited passes. On any surface, more power and torque can be achieved by the operator thanks to the efficiency of the LHR21.

Similarly, the LHR15 is also manufactured to tackle any detailing obstacle. The ergonomic shape of the LHR15 ensures precise paint correction on curved surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas, while remaining completely comfortable. The LHR 15 Mark III performs at a greater rpm in comparison to the LHR21 Mark III and this increased speed achieves the same level of correction while using a pad diameter and orbit that are more suited to curved or uneven surfaces.

Enhanced ergonomics:
The LHR15 and LHR21 Mark III polishers offer a rubberised front grip which allows for a great deal of comfort for the operator while at the same time creating a non-slip surface for control. Rubberised surfaces on the enhanced rear handle also add to the improved comfort in use for the operator. Two non-marking tool rests are specially designed to provide steadiness and further protection from unintentional impact when the tool isn’t being used.

Easier than ever to choose speed controls:
Building on from the improved ergonomics, the new electronic speed control of these polishers allows for an easy adjustment of the top speed as the larger dial can be easily adjusted with the move of a thumb. Operators can choose the best speed for their job without interfering with the polishing process. An additional layer of control that both the LHR15 and the LHR21 Mark III features is the new progressive trigger, which acts as a throttle to control speeds within the dial range. The addition of the progressive trigger means that the operator can make small adjustments for precise control without needing to reposition the grip or interrupt the process in any way, showing the continuous improvement of the Bigfoot Random Orbital Polishers.

Designed to deliver optimal results:
The Design of the Mark III polishers isn’t just purely for aesthetic purposes, but instead to ensure that they offer the highest quality results during operation. For example, after a great deal of research and development, the rubber support was chosen to be specifically positioned on the body of the machine to ensure that it stays stable during non-working stages.

The most efficient motor in its class:
The Mark III Bigfoot Random Orbital Polisher’s extremely efficient engine produces a speed range of 3000 to 4500 for the 21mm models and 3000 to 5200 for the 15mm models. RUPES produced a uniquely constructed and custom wound motor that provides significant levels of torque while only requiring 500 watts of input, making the motors of the LHR15 & LHR21 Mark III random orbital  polishers the most efficient on the market.

Both the LHR15 & LHR21 Mark III Random Orbital Polishers are available and ready to order from Abcon. Our sales team will be happy to provide you with additional information or answer any inquiries you may have about Rupes polishers. You can get in touch with our team at:

Tel: (049) 555 2340
Email: sales@abconireland.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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