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Pickling Solution Solves Problems and Saves Time – RC LITE INOX

Jun 20, 2018 | News

At Abcon, we relish the opportunity to help customers with any process improvements they need!  Recently, one of our valued customers faced a problem in the finishing of 8mm stainless steel plate and we were only too delighted to pitch in and offer advice and expertise.  Their old process involved cutting the plate into pieces with a plasma cutter and compressed air, but a high-degree of burn mark was left on both the side profile and top surface of the cut.  Afterwards, they would then have to pickle the plate piece in nitric acid to remove the marking.

Unfortunately, this did not solve their problems, as there was still a high amount of contamination and dulling after pickling with the acid.  As an effect of this dulling and matting, the customer had to use a series of mops and paste to brighten the surface to the desired level.

Our technical sales manager,  Garry O’Connell was tasked with delivering an efficient and time saving solution and so, introduced the customer to our all-new pickling solution RC LITE INOX which quickly put an end to black burn markings.

While tough on burn marks, the pickling solution kept the original bright polished finish without dulling or matting the surface.  In the picture featured, the top plate is the one which had been treated with the RC LITE INOX pickling solution, and the bottom one is a plate treated with nitric acid and a suite of mops and pastes. The difference between the two treatments is obvious and the improvement in surface finish is clear. Our customer is saving time, effort and money.  The result for us is another satisfied customer!

If you have any queries about the new RC LITE INOX Pickling Solution or would like to request a demonstration, contact us now on (049) 555 2340, by emailing sales@abconireland.com or calling Garry directly on (087) 249 6032.

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