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Abcon delighted with Sianet – The Most Powerful Net Backed Abrasives!

May 20, 2020 | News

Abcon is getting fantastic feedback from customers for the dust extraction rates on Sianet, which is so vital for the health and comfort of the operator. The net backing ensures a virtually dust-free environment, thereby minimising any possibility of ingestion of dust. The Health & Safety of the operator is paramount and this system contributes to improving both.

The added benefit of course is that full-service dust extraction and use of appropriate abrasives prevent clogging of the abrasive, thereby extending its life. The sturdy and flexible net backing is very resilient, has stable edges and is also tear-resistant!

Finally, operators increase productivity due to easy positioning of the abrasive on the backing pad or hand sanding tools because they don’t need to spend time positioning abrasive consumable to the holes on backing pad.
These types of discs are suitable for wood and painted surfaces as the aluminium oxide grain gives it a very good resistance.

• Perfect for stained wood or wood containing oils or resins
• Very efficient and productive
• The cross-linked substrate provides an almost dust-free environment (a clear advantage for occupational health and safety)
• High flow rate for impressive durability
• The robust and flexible canvas with cross-linked fabric support has stable edges and is tear-resistant
• The suction of dust over the entire surface and well selected abrasive components prevent the abrasive from clogging.

• Sanding of plastics, paints, varnishes, sealants and primers
• Fine sanding of surfaces
• Preparation for polishing high gloss surfaces
• Removal of coating defects
• Sanding of primer coats
• Fine sanding of solid wood, plywood, mineral materials, primers, plaster and plasterboard
• Adapt to varnishes.

Abcon’s Alan Hamilton commented that they stock the standard sizes and can match the consumables with most tools. For further information call (049) 5552340 or email sales@abconireland.com

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