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How a depressed centre globe disc can give you more grindpower!!

Dec 17, 2020 | News

Globe Abrasives, based and manufacturing in Parma Italy, are world renowned since 1961 for their quality and expertise when it comes to cutting and grinding metals. They are also at the vanguard of the industry when it comes to innovation in safety and performance. Unique and patented sealed packaging ensures consistent quality across all manufacturing batches.

The Safe Cut range in particular, is one of our best in class. We carried out some tests recently, putting the 230mm (9”) Safe Cut II and our Pferd equivalent disc against several other discs on the Irish market, including both standard and high-performance discs. Of course, we already knew that they offered extreme performance and long life, ensuring minimum changeovers needed. However, seeing the results in black and white was still an eye opener for us.

Our photos show the results of the cutting test that was conducted using the 230mm cutting disc with a Metabo 230mm 2000 watt angle grinder on 50mm mild steel tube with a 3mm wall. The objective of the test was to reduce the disc from 230mm to 160mm and count the number of cuts the disc achieved to perform this task. As you can see, both our standard Pferd mild steel disc & our Globe Safecut II performed very well. The added advantage of the special reinforcement makes the Globe one of the best cutting discs you can use for long life, speed of cut and safety in use.

So, why did the Globe disc perform so well? Of course, Globe are experts in manufacturing cutting and grinding discs, so that is a great foundation. The Safe Cut II is also reinforced for extra safety and rigidity, as previously mentioned, which provides the cutting performance of a thin cutting disc but with the strength, stability and rigidity of a thicker cutting disc. The depressed centre provides the rigidity, thanks to the application of physics, and it prevents bending or vibrating during the cutting operation. The metal dome provides a further safety feature, in that it protects the depressed centre and thus breakage. The cutting depth of this disc is typical of a flat disc, but it is combined with the extreme precision of a depressed centre disc.

You probably like it already, but did we mention the high cutting speed, ease of handling and versatility of this disc on mild steel? Anyway, if you are cutting or grinding steel, you are probably going to want to call your Irish Distributor, i.e. us!

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