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New Tecno Kit INOX Box for Stainless Steel Treatments

Mar 11, 2021 | News

We get so many enquiries about cleaning, passivating and protecting stainless steel and are always delighted to help our customers develop a system, which suits their particular needs and environment.

Cleaning can be performed by mechanical process with the use of abrasives such as handpads or various types of abrasives or cleaning brushes. These abrasive methods can change the aesthetic appearance of the stainless steel & in some cases may require the use of tools such as grinders. Alternatively, you can clean with the use of liquids, which are applied by spraying, brushing or by using an electrolyte cleaning system. When spraying or brushing on the liquids, they may need to be left to react for a period of time, depending on the level of contamination or staining. After this time, they must be removed by a rinse of chloride free water and possibly a neutraliser.

Although these are the most common methods for the deoxidation and cleaning of stainless steel, there are some environments where these treatments cannot be used. For example, factors such as contamination of the environment, most notable in pharmaceutical, medical, or food preparation need to be taken into account.

With mechanical treatment, dust can be a factor and it can also change the aesthetic appearance of the stainless steel. Chemical liquids or gel treatment can be difficult to apply without staining or contaminating the surrounding area during application and follow on clean up.

With all of the above in mind, we wanted to solve some of these issues for our customers. So, we did some more research and as a result, have now added the TECNO KIT INOX & WIPES to our unique range of products!

The TECNO KIT INOX represents a specific program for degreasing, deoxidation, passivation and protection on stainless steel. It has been formulated for the cleaning or maintenance of stainless steel surfaces and equipment for the nautical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and transport. The kit can be used for the treatment of stainless surfaces having a brushed, satin or polished finished. The wipes are non-dangerous and you can sue to clean a surface without the need for rinsing.

The small suitcase of TECNO KIT INOX includes:
1. TECNO DISOX: Deoxidising & cleaning wipes
2. TECNO NEUTRAL: Neutralising wipes
3. TECNO PASS: Passivation/depolluting wipes
4. TECNO FINISH: Protection wipes

We would be happy to help you improve your processes, so please give us a call on (049) 5552340 or email sales@abconireland.com. Our technical sales team are waiting to hear from you!

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