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New D-A Series Bigfoot Polishing Compounds from Rupes

Oct 6, 2021 | News

The DA-FINE and DA-COARSE Bigfoot Compounds from Rupes feature all new formulae with increased performance for all dual action tools, including the Bigfoot Random Orbital and Mill Gear-Driven tools, and are extremely effective at providing a high-quality surface finish. RUPES created and blended these new formulae in-house, utilising the most recent advancements in abrasive technologies. The new formulae incorporated into the DA-FINE and DA-COARSE compounds will allow operators to enjoy better finishing capabilities, greater cutting power, low dusting, an easier wipe off and an overall better user experience.

Beginning with the DA-FINE, this high performance fine polishing compound is a polish that boasts both noticeable cutting performance with impressive finishing. D-A Fine is the ideal second step for polishing after the DA-COARSE on practically every type of painted, gelcoat, or varnished finish or as a stand-alone solution for light polishing needs.

Some of the key features and benefits of the DA-FINE high performance fine polishing compound include:
• Very high-quality cutting performance
• Improved finishing ability thanks to new micro-abrasive technology and their proprietary blend
• Fewer towel marks on delicate surfaces due to the easier wipe-off of the compound
• Easy application when using Rupes colour-coordinated pad system
• On most paints, light fault removal and finishing can be done in one step
• Recommended for use with BigFoot Random Orbital or Gear-Driven tools

The DA-COARSE high performance cut polishing compound, on the other hand, is suitable for users looking to achieve quick defect removal and smooth usage on every type of paint. When used with RUPES Coarse blue foam, DA wool pads, or coarse microfiber discs and BigFoot Dual Action Polishers, the formulation is tuned to achieve the greatest results. D-A Coarse is a huge step forward in the field of cutting compound performance, with great clarity, minimum dusting, and simple wipe-off. Key features and benefits of the DA-COARSE compound include:
• Very high performance cutting
• Longer polishing cycle and working time thanks to durable lubrication system
• Post-compound clean-up work is minimised thanks to low dusting formula
• One-step defect removal and finishing on most paints
• Sanding mark and severe defect removal
• Recommended for random orbital or gear-driven polishers

We would be delighted to hear from you with any queries you have and look forward to quoting for you soon!
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